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Meet Noodle.


This beautiful Bambino boy is absolutely stunning. He has an amazing temperament and is very patient with kids. Loves to play and loves to cuddle even more. He is TICA registered and fully health tested. We couldn't be more pleased with him and his offspring.

He has been thoroughly health tested, vet checked, and fully color tested. Hard copy results available upon request. 

HCM (done by Ultrasound) and DCM (done by Ultrasound and X-Ray): CLEAR

Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome, PKD1 , and PRA-CE290 (Genetically Tested Through UC Davis): NEGATIVE

Color Testing:

Agouti: a/a

Amber: E/E

Brown: B/b1 (Full Color, Carrier of Cinnamon)

Dilute: D/D

Colorpoint: C/cs (Carrier of Siamese Colorpoint Restriction)

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